Power System Engineering

Globally Ampner has references in several countries and we have an international and business minded team. Our 15 year experience began with wind power, followed by hydro power and during the last years PV solar, wave, tidal and bioenergy have become central areas of our expertise.

Why Ampner


Our senior staff have over 15 years of experience in renewable power systems and we developed power conversion technologies before it became mainstream in renewables. We have a deep knowledge of different power system solutions in renewable energy production. Ampner has designed and advised our customers on how to design power systems that ensure reliability and performance, considering the complex Grid Code Compliance requirements varying from one power network to another. 


Our tools and working methods are top of the line. We utilize globally recognized simulation and calculation tools like DIgSILENT PowerFactory and PSS/E. We seamlessly integrate design, studies and testing in our work packages. A certain part of our work is done at our premises and at the customer office. Our experts will execute as planned on-site with a professional approach. 


We are independent from OEMs, component and solution vendors. We change the game in the field of power system architecture by delivering:  
– Smooth and trouble-free grid code compliance 
– Unique and effective optimization of the power system architecture for cost savings and improved yield 
– Solutions and know-how based on a wide and long experience in the renewable energy technology and market requirements


Ampner can evaluate power systems from all perspectives, from the OEM, to the grid operators point of view. We assure the investors, the operators and the owners with a high-level of reliability. 

Our offering in power system engineering