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Solar Power International 2019

We are exhibiting at the Solar Power International (SPI) 2019 in Salt Lake City on September 24-26.

Visit our booth 5561 to discuss our solutions and offering, and to have a look at the leading 1500-V string inverter, the Ampner ACE™ 300 PV

Ampner follows in the
footsteps of the country’s electronic engineering innovation tradition and put
together their capabilities for a total rethink of how a string inverter for
solar power generation plants should and could be designed.

A perfect manifestation of these competencies is the design of Ampner
ACE™ series of string inverters with the highest rated power in the world
today, over 300 kW.

While many other manufacturers improve their existing designs
incrementally, Ampner took the entire concept of a string inverter back to the
drawing board. The result is what we see today – an extremely robust device
with a small footprint and light weight yet achieving industry-leading
efficiency and reliability. The first of the series, ACE 300 PV, delivers
unchanged performance in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +60°C, -40°F to
+140°F), and it withstands humidity, dust and salt spray for use in all climate
conditions from coastal regions to mountains and deserts.

“Its high power density both in terms of kW per volume and kW per
weight, combined with its extreme rated power, makes the ACE 300 PV cost-effective
to store, handle, transport, install and operate,” says Ampner CEO, Mika
Jantunen. “This translates into minimized downtime, lower Levelized Cost of
Energy and higher lifetime profitability.”

The ACE 300 PV units are manufactured at Ampner’s own facilities using a
state-of-the-art, easily scalable manufacturing concept. To complement
innovative design with uncompromising reliability, only tried and tested,
widely used components are utilized. This avoids teething problems that often
emerge in heavy-duty production use of novelty technologies.

Ampner’s subsidiary, Testcom®, has designed tester systems and delivered
versatile power electronics testing facilities and consultation to world
leading customers for more than 15 years. The same rigorous standards are
applied to every ACE inverter before it leaves the factory. Because they
operate under the same roof, Ampner’s R&D, power system application,
manufacturing, assembly and testing functions have complete synergy.

Ampner will introduce the Ampner ACE™ series and the ACE 300 PV at the
Solar Power International 2019 exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, in

Österberg Group ja Ampner Oy julkaisivat sopimuksen 353 kW:n aurinkovoimalaitoksen rakentamisesta Kruunantie 30 tehdasrakennuksen katolle. Kesän aikana valmistuva aurinkovoimalaitos on Vaasan ja lähiympäristön suurin. Voimalaitoksen laskennallinen vuosituotto on 307 MWh ja vähentää CO₂ päästöjä 184 tonnia vuodessa. Voimalaitoksen pinta-ala katolla on 1900 m². Laitoksen rakennuttaa Österberg Groupiin kuuluva Kron Plastic Oy, jonka toimitusjohtaja Matias Österberg sanoo yrityksen haluavan olla mukana ympäristötalkoissa ja sen lisäksi aurinkovoiman hyödyntäminen on taloudellisesti kannattavaa.

New managing director

Mika Jantunen (M.Sc) has been appointed as CEO at Ampner Oy from 1st April 2019

Ampner ja teuvalainen Nipere Oy ovat sopineet yhteistyöstä maatalouden aurinkovoimalaprojekteissa.

Aurinkoenergiasta säästöjä maatalouskohteissa ja maatalouteen liittyvissä teollisuuslaitoksissa. Aurinkoenergian hyödyntäminen on helppoa ja huoltovapaata nykyisillä järjestelmillä. Investoinnin takaisinmaksuaika tyypilliselle maatalouden aurinkovoimalalle (50 kWp) on alle 10 vuotta hyödyntäen valtion myöntämän tuen, joka on maataloudessa jopa 40%.

Maatalouteen liittyvissä kohteissa olemme tehneet aurinkovoimalan hankkimisen helpoksi; yhteistyökumppanimme Nipere Oy toteuttaa aurinkovoimalaitoksen ”avaimet käteen” -toimituksena.

Tervetuloa tutustumaan Ampnerin osastolle verkostomessuille Tampereella 23.-24.1.2019

Ampner has signed a contract with VEO to provide power system studies for Bjerkreim wind power plant in south-west Norway. Project will have an installed capacity of 294 MW, consisting of 70 pcs of 4.2 MW wind turbines.

Ampner power system study scope includes grid code compliance studies required by Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett and other studies related to substation protection and power quality.

“We have chose Ampner as a partner in this project, due to their solid experience in the market and our well-established cooperation during last years” says Viktor Forss, Managing Director at VEO AS.

“We have gained experience from more than 1200 MW built wind power projects in Finland. Norwegian wind sector is booming, and we are pleased to see that with our long-term partner VEO we can utilize our gained experience in the markets” says Mika Jantunen, Director of Power Engineering at Ampner.

Ampner power Engineering team is specialized in grid code compliance service, power system design and power system studies for renewable power plants. Read more

The amount of wind energy power plants have increased at a accelerated pace within the last couple of years. This has brought increased expertise within the area as well.

Read more (article in Swedish)