Ampner ACE™ 300
Future-ready, outdoor rated string inverter family for 1500 Vdc photovoltaic power plants and energy storages of 1 MW or higher.
Ampner ACE™ 300
The two first released products of the ACE 300 product family are the Ampner ACE™ 300 PV, the 1500-Vdc string inverter with the highest rated power in the industry, and the Ampner ACE™ 300 ES, the leading 1500-Vdc battery energy storage converter. Both siblings are designed and manufactured in Finland by the same rigorous standards and quality principles.
  • Maximum operational DC voltage 1500 V
  • Power ratings from 260 kW to 333 kW
  • Full reactive power generation capability
  • IP65 / Type 4 design
  • Operating ambient temperature range from -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
  • Rugged design for all outdoor conditions
  • Easy field handling and assembly in two parts
  • Flexible mounting angle between 0° (vertical) and 90° (horizontal)
  • Dedicated variants for global (IEC) and North American (UL/CSA) markets
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